Our task is focused on ensuring an energy supply that is safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable. This is of crucial importance to the society and economy. We realize this with infrastructure services focused on the transport and storage of natural gas, green gas, hydrogen, heat and CO2. Through our infrastructure, services and geographical position, we are at the heart of the north-western European energy market.

We have two main activities: (1) providing regulated transport services through the gas transport network in the Netherlands and Germany and (2) providing other infrastructure services, both independently and in collaboration with other parties. Our infrastructure connects end users and suppliers of energy. It acts as an international hub for the supply and throughput of different types of gases. For this purpose, we manage and develop pipeline networks, international transit pipelines, energy storage, LNG infrastructure and virtual gas trading platforms. This enables us to contribute to a liquid, competitive and reliable European gas market. Through our network in the Netherlands and Germany, we transport nearly a quarter of the total gas consumption in the European Union.

We contribute to the transition to a sustainable energy supply in which gas, of various kinds and in combination with other sustainable sources of energy, ensures a stable and affordable energy system. We accelerate the transition towards a sustainable energy supply by developing sustainable technologies and infrastructure; we do this through new partnerships and business models. For example, we invest in projects relating to green gas, hydrogen, heating and CCUS, and in infrastructure for the use of LNG for water and road transport.

We are a state-owned company and the Dutch State is our only shareholder. Our employees are spread over more than 30 locations in the Netherlands and northern Germany and with delegations in The Hague, Brussels and Moscow. Our headquarters are in Groningen (the Netherlands), and our main office in Germany is located in Hanover.