Gasunie Transport Services


The total volume of gas transported during the first half of 2019 was 476 TWh (48.7 billion m3). This was 5.9% less than the 506 TWh (51.8 billion m3) transported during the first half of 2018. The G gas system is responsible for two thirds of the decrease in the transport volume. This was largely due to lower transport volume in February and March because of the high temperatures during those months. The lower H gas transport was due to a lower exit to other countries. One transport disruption occurred during the first six months of the year. When a pipeline in the regional network was put into operation, air got into the pipe and was transported along with the gas.

Quality conversion (QC)

The total QC (conversion of H gas to G gas) was, at 170 TWh (17.4 billion m3), virtually the same as during the first half of 2018. The total QC therefore surpasses the gas production from the Groningen field. The G gas exit was approximately 20 TWh (2.1 billion m3) lower in 2019, which caused the QC percentage to increase. 1.43 billion m3 of nitrogen was used for the conversion, putting the utilisation rate of our conversion capacity at 97.2%. 1.29 billion m3 of nitrogen was used for the conversion in 2018, with a utilisation rate of 87.4%.

Title Transfer Facility (TTF) gas trading platform

The gas in our Dutch gas transport network can be traded by market parties using the virtual gas trading platform TTF. In the period from January to the end of May 2019 inclusive, market parties traded 16,565 TWh (1695.6 billion m3) of gas in total on the TTF. That is an increase of almost 50% on the 11,168 TWh (1143.2 billion m3) traded during the same period in 2018. TTF achieved a substantial increase in its market share during the first five months of 2019, putting it even further ahead of the other European hubs. TTF’s role as a gas trading platform grew once again, even with the further reduction in production from the Groningen field. This underscores the importance of a liquid hub for a properly functioning gas market.

Inquiry into misleading shipper handed over to FIOD

The inquiry into the shipper who acted misleadingly in the financial settlement of a quantity of gas drawn from our network at the end of last year has been handed over to FIOD, the Dutch Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service. Measures have been taken to prevent any recurrence.